About Wallcore

Your Custom Frame Designer

With Wallcore, Your Only Limitation is Your Wall Space

The Wallcore team has a lifetime of experience within the custom framing industry. And though we love custom framing, we saw a gap in the services provided and decided to fix it.

Wallcore is a web-based, personalized application with innovative and powerful design tools that allow you to create custom framing, matting, and imagining right from the comfort of your home. But instead of waiting for shipping or wondering about quality, your completed masterpiece will be assembled through our professional network of local custom framers.

Our professional Wallcore associated framers will provide onsite production, assembly, framing, and imaging services for your convenient pick-up. You can spend 5 minutes creating a design, or 5 hours – because with Wallcore, your only limitation truly is your wall space.

Wallcore Was Created to Bring Custom Framing to the World & Your Local, Custom Framers to You

Wallcore appreciates craftsmanship, quality, and value, and we’re excited to allow the world to access easy, beautiful, and local custom framing. We pride ourselves on supporting local business, as Wallcore has tremendous respect for our hundreds of professional, custom picture framing partners across the nation.

We are excited to serve both the customer and the framer in each and every custom-designed masterpiece.

Frame What Matters Most & Put What You Love on Display

From precious memories to priceless memorabilia, feature walls to conversation pieces – art is intimate, and displaying your art should be just as personal as the art itself. Custom framing helps communicate your art, your memories, and the value of your masterpiece, because custom framing enhances the art it holds, instead of hiding it.

The framing of your unique masterpiece makes your art feel like an award, a priceless piece that is one-of-a-kind, intimate, and personal. It’s like building custom furniture for your wall.

So Much More Than Just a Frame

What's included in a Wallcore Custom-Designed Masterpeice?

The Wallcore

Innovative Technology
Within Your Reach

Married to technology, the Wallcore Designer connects your cherished memories with powerful and dynamic design options, putting the power of creation directly in your hands. Enjoy true, custom framing with professional assembly from the peace and quiet of your own home. Then, simply pickup your masterpiece from your local professional frame shop at your convenience.

Wallcore makes it easy to display your treasures, photographs, and art in a personal, intimate way. We have the knowledge and the history to create a tool that makes custom framing easy, crafted by the expertise of professional, local framers.